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Some very calm and relaxing vibes from TOPS with “Outside” with some lovely vocal work and mix of electronic and acoustic elements.

NU-AGENDA has a album out, and our favorite track from it is this very hip jazzy track called “Shadow Dancer”.

Here is some very special hip-hop from Thrupence with “Don’t You Mind”.

Espada’s music video for his track “Alluvial” has arrived! You can watch it on Youtube now.

Thank you to Kazaz Design for the wonderful music video, and wearesoundspace for the premier on their channel!

Alluvial is out now

Some sexy work from Aeons with the track “Blue Dreams” with a chill deep vibe and lovely unique elements in vocal and effect form!

Some incredibly innovative work from prog composer Soundprank with “Habour” which is a high quality dynamic chill out/hip-hop beauty! And probably one of the biggest tunes of the year!

A very underrated artist called Me & My Toothbrush hits us with the massive “Escape My Laws” with such a funky and powerful flavour!

Faces does a bootleg of Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away” and it is such wonderful modern day take on this track! 

An old but lovely track from Andras Fox the track “Your Life” Just had to blog about it as it really is a beautiful track with so many lovely elements to it!

Moodblanc again with some crazy fresh groovy sounds with the track “Make Love” with a sweet disco vibe and classic Moodblanc vocals!